Brenda Sears, former OR scrub nurse, geologist and geotech, worked for Sohio/BP from the early 80's to the early 90's before hitting the ski trails of Toas and and the Colorado peaks. She is now working for Wavetech Geophysical in Denver to support her white power habit, that's snow for those of you from the old San Francisco office.

Brenda and Vic live in Aurora, Colorado.

On April 23, 1997 a few friends of Brenda's met at Pappasito's on the Katy Freeway. The gathering was on the west patio. The happy hour setting sun caused contrast problems for some of the photographs, but I think you can get the idea of who was there, if not - use your imagination.

From left (near field) to right are: The back of Bill Mills' head partially eclipsing Liz Foux, Vic Bullock leaning back and about to fall off the picture, Judy Leinhardt remining William Green that she still has her door, John Branca, Ajay Badachhape in the shadows next to Frank Sauer as Frank is reminding Ajay that "Geology has been very very good to me", and Mike Neese asking "has anyone seen the waiter?"


Mike Neese and Brenda
"Ya know Mike, it really wasn't so bad working for you."

Brenda and Seleucia Sivad
(P. Chalker's Godmother and Mom)

Looking down at the other end of the table are from right to left: Vic Bullock totally eclipsing Liz Foux, Bill (B.H. Miles) Mills, Steve "Bucky" Buckert, Mark Durio, the back of Mike Neese's head, and Frank "Hey Willie" Sauer in the shadows.


Seleucia and Judy



Next get-together at Keystone after the snow falls.
Check the "Snow Desk" for Updates.

Photos courtesy of Seleucia Sivad and Brenda Sears


© neutrino 1997