It was a dark and rain threatening night, mostly dark.
It was the 25th of October in the year of our Gourd, 1997. The Kozman's were at it again, for the 20th time.

The Great Pumpkin Carving Party.

There was a large gathering of people both young and - less young. Most, if not all, put knife to melon and sliced away revealing a wide range of pumpkin personalities. All in all, a good time was had by all.

The Kozman's put on an really enjoyable evening.


The master of ceremonies, Jess "the Jester" Kozman instructs everyone on the rules of the evening.
"OK, I will tell a joke. You will laugh. Got it ?"
"If you do not laugh, you will all have to come over tomorrow and clean up my back yard. Got it?"
Laughter erupted from the crowd.


"And now, the "Bear-with-me" award. So bare with me while I try to remember the joke for this thing."


"I can't believe I said that.
I've got to drink more before I write this stuff."



Daniela Smoleanu casting an admiring eye at a big gourd sitting next to the fence.


Steve and Sonya Wippel
"Steve, stop looking at those melons like that."


El Gourdo ex L'Vine
"Ya know, people think its the horns that
attract the other fruits, really it's the nose and the number 52 flag."


Jess attempting to teach W.Green the steps to the Munchican's Lollipop Dance from the Wizard of Oz. A little secret Jess, Green can't dance - no rhythm, its a myth.


The Hostess and Host, Cathy and Jess Kozman
after the awards presentations.
"Jess Honey, what are you doing with your hand back there."

Photographs courtesy of Bobby Perez