Delicate Arch
by David M. Jones

The above exposure was taken in Arches National Park of the famous Delicate Arch, a natural bridge product of exfoliation and wind erosion in the Jurassic Entrada Formation.

The Entrada is the iron stained elolian sandstone which comprises virtually all of the arches in the national park, and lies directly above the Jurassic Navajo Formation. In the background are the Quaternary volcanics of the La Salle mountains.

The photo was taken at dusk with a Vivitar 30-200/f3.0 zoom lens at an
exposure of 1/60 sec., F5.6 with Kodachrome 64 film and the aide of a light field tripod.

I've made this 1.25 mile hike to Delicate Arch several times, however, this time the sole of one of my hiking boots departed half the way up. It made the experience even more "sole searching."

David M. Jones
Burlington Resources Offshore