John Martin -

a fomer BP Exploration geologist, is
now living in a rural area outside the sleepy town of Sweet Home (population 7,009), in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range of Oregon.

He and his wife Laurie live in a beautiful home (see below) on five acres where they have an orchard and a one acre garden.

John is the manager of the Albany,
Oregon field office of Cascade Earth Sciences, Ltd. (you can see a picture of John in the services link at:,
a Pacific Northwest environmental firm which specializes in land application of process water and bio-solids (i.e., food processors - french fries, etc.).

John says he is happier than at any other time in his life; he and his wife feel like they have won the lottery.


The reason for the western look and Texas flag is that John decided to
celebrate Texas Independence Day (April 19) at his office this year.
So he asked everyone to dress western and they had a barbeque.

Can you see John's house?
Look through the trees on the left at the brown structure
hiding in the clearing.


Just look below.

John and his family live in a quiet rural setting, but are only less than two hours fromthe Pacific Ocean and Portland, Oregon. They are just a few minutes from
mountain rivers, lakes, camping and skiing. John and Laurie's hobbies are
gardening, skiing, gardening, pool, gardening, reading, home brewing, and gardening. They have killed (at least fatally wounded) their TV - life is too short. They wish all their friends around the world as much happiness as they have found.

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Photos by John Martin