A Jazz Funeral
for the New
Orleans Office
- RIP-
Amoco New Orleans

February 20, 1999


The Amoco Offshore Business Unit
Died Thursday, November 19, 1998
of unknown causes.

The Business Unit was 9 years old. The Business Unit was renowned for its success in business and for its les bon temps roule spirit. Child of the late Amoco Corporation, grandchild of the late Standard Oil of Indiana (1889-1998), brother of the late Western, Central and Worldwide Exploration Business Units. Survivors include approximately 366 of the best and brightest employees to ever work in the Petroleum Industry.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend a Jazz Funeral on December 12, 1998 at the City Energy Club, 1100 Poydras Street, Suite 3800. Visitation will be in the North Sea Room from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am. Interment in late January.

Arrangements by Fuller, Flury, Lowrie, and Associates
Funeral Home of Chicago, Illinois.

Obituary by John Lopez
with help from Maurice Trosclair and Tom Donolon

So is the obituary for the Amoco New Orleans Office. The New Orleans Offshore Business Unit was the last manifestation of an office that was born in the early 1960's (c.1960-1). It was brought to life by a group that included people like Clyde Brooks and Ken Gilbert. It grew to probably its largest size of some nearly 200 plus geologists and geophysicists for the first OCS area wide sale in 1983.

Its personality changed over time as it morphed with the constant transfusion of new blood. Some bleeding out and other metastasizing and staying. The flow of blood revitalized the office and changed it. And, we droplets altered in passing . We were and are part of its history, and it, part of ours. The stories from the 8th floor of Lee Circle, the file room of Poydras, and the conference rooms of both have been and are fun to tell. And will continue to be so.

But all things pass. Such is the nature of time and the creation history.

On land of Fred Lockett,
the final goodbye from New Orleans family took place.
The funeral pyre is being built.

John Lopez in white hat. Denny Hall bringing more wood
and Fawna Fisher sitting on the blanket

As is only fitting for a New Orleans Office, a New Orleans Jazz Funeral.
Procession, dancing umbrellas, and both sadness and joy.

The pallbearers are Fawna Fisher and Teresa Becker on the near side.
and Leanne French visible on the far side.
Second lining are Tom Donolon and Denny Hall under the umbrella.

The coffin is placed,
and the fire lit.

Jim Dischinger is lighting the fire
and Wayne LeBlanc (white hat) is making sure he gets it right.

Consumed by fire.
Ashes and Smoke
take away the tomorrows.

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Photos and blue line commentary
courtesy of Fred Lockett

Amoco New Orleans, Retired
© neutrino 1999