Ex-Am Nawlins
Ex-Amoco New Orleans
Houston Gathering

at Joe's Crab Shack
January 26,

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About a week before this photo was taken, Jack Elliott called Bill Green and said, "Hey, NA Expo is in about a week. Are we going to do an Ex-Am this year."

Green replied, "I don't know Jack. The industry is in a downturn, folks are being laid off, we're over forty and still haven't solve the unified field theory and I'm kind of busy and don't really have time to get the word out, do you?"

Elliott replied, "No, not really."

And Green said, "Good, let's do it!"

So, here we are again.

This year's gathering was started off with a blessing from the Right Rev. Robert of Hess Aydellette (far end of the table), "Pax vobiscum..."

To which Jack Elliott (L w/glass) responded, "Et pax tecum, and somebody pass me another sacramental beer."

Of course, Fred Locket (R) looks at the camera and laughs because he knows this is all horse hockey and what Rob's hands are really describing is the size of someones ego.

Mike Gilbert (R) whispers to Hal Adams, "I wouldn't want anyone to hear me telling you this, but picking residual statics wasn't really as bad everyone said it was. I actually enjoyed it. It took my mind off trying to solve all those wave equations."

Jack Elliott, Louie Berent, Charlie McBride, and Tim Conner tune up for a little Barber Shop singing.

Mike Gilbert, makes another of his insightful comments about the state of the economy and where you can still get triple coupon values. This excites both Jack and Louie. Charlie still doesn't believe it.

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