Ex-Am Nawlins
Ex-Amoco New Orleans
Houston Gathering

at Billy Blues
January 27,

Arville Slaughter (L), Tim Conner (C) and Ken Beckman (R)
Arville lives in the Woodlands, Texas and is an exploration manager with Mitchell Energy. Tim lives in Lafayette, La. and is an exploration manager with Forest Oil. Ken lives in Houston and is president of International Gas Consultants.

Ken still pretends to be camera shy.

Tom McCarroll.
Did someone just spill a cold beer down - oh never mind. Tom is now Exploration VP for Louie Dreyfus in Houston.

Jack Elliott (L) and Lynn Comeaux (R)
Jack was one of the organizers of the evening's event. Jack is with Mitchell Energy in the Woodlands. Lynn still lives in New Orleans and is one of the principles of Extend Processors.

Bill Wilfong (L), William Green (C), and Mike Gilbert (R)
Bill lives in Missouri City, Texas and works for Amerada Hess. William lives in Houston and consults among other things. Mike lives in Houston and works for Quintana.

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