In the spring of 1976 Amoco Production Company hired Ed McDowell. Ed started with Amoco in New Orleans that summer after graduation from Florida Atlantic University.

Ed's first assignment was in the Offshore Processing Group. At the time that group was housed in the eighth floor converted ballroom of the once Bienville Hotel that Amoco was using as its New Orleans District Office. Three other Amoco new hires joined Ed on the eighth floor that summer, Mike Ammerman from the University of Kentucky, Paul Bille from Boston College, and William Green from Memphis State University.

In a soon to be published Havard Business Review article by Prof. C. Clyde Hogue-Brooks, Choas theory is used to prove that the spacial and temporal convergience of these four people was the conjunction that initiated the chain of events that ultimately led to the take over of Amoco (sorry - I mean merger) with BP.

Ed left Amoco in the late 1970s to join Esso in London. He worked a series of assignments in both the North Sea and North Africa.

Ed, has not been seen by most of the group since the late 70's.

On Wednesday evening, August 26th, Ed was in Houston for a meeting and he, Ammerman and Green met at Joe's Crab Shack on the North Freeway. It had been almost twenty years since some of us have seen Ed.

Pictured above from Left to Right:
William Green, Ed McDowell, Jack Elliott, and Mike Ammerman.

Jack Elliott and Mike Ammerman currently work together at Mitchell Energy in the Wooodlands and Jack is also a fellow alumus of Amoco New Orleans and Florida Atlantic.

McDowell shared a car pool with Green, Bille, and Louie Berent (see Scrap Book).
Here, Ed explains how he was always the first to arrive at the car in the evening and
Green was the last (a lie, but truth is relative). Jack was also impressed to hear that the cricket story was really true.

McDowell and Ammerman were officemates, you know - shared an office, on the eighth floor of Amoco's Lee Circle Building. Green was next door sharing space with Paul Bille, an assortment of map tacks, a wall poster from the Society of Maryanne's Cousins, a photo of Paul's pride and joy - six month old "Our Man Dan"- and an occasional seismic section.

McDowell and Ammerman kept a particularly vicious game of Master Mind in continual play, while Bille and Green perfected their skills at, map tack throwing, saluting and bowing as Phil Martin and Lynn Comeaux passed their office, and occasionally picking a first break on that east coast refraction data that was so secret at the time.

We never did get that bowing stuff down.

And, speaking of Paul Bille-

Paul borrowed one of Texaco's corporate jets and flew to Houston for our little reunion. He is shown here between McDowell and Ammerman. And, as you can see, we were all surprised as Paul came disguised as "The Ghost of Paul Bille". Paul explained that he had to come incognitus because Maryanne and Elizabeth had not given him permission to make the trip.

Don't worry Paul we won't tell and we don't think anyone will recognize you in this photo.

  Ed is currently a computer consultant living in Orlando, Florida with his wife and two sons.

Ed McDowell email:

It was good seeing you Ed.

Photos courtesy of The Society of Maryanne's Cousins
© neutrino 1998

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