Fred Childers, friend and colleague of many of us, was with the Sohio/StandardOil/BP metamorph for ten plus years. After leaving BP, Fred pursued a dream of his, becoming a gunsmith. Today Fred is one of only a handful of gunsmiths for Beretta, USA.
Fred and Jackie live in Maryland.

The photos on this page were taken on July 3, 1997 at Pappasito's Cantina's (Katy Freeway) while the Phred was in town for a Shooting Competition.

There were a lot of stories, a bit of gossip and a lot of laughs.

Looking forward to your next visit Fred.


Judy Leinhardt reminds Fred of the old days before she had an office door.


Walt Turpening and Shela Sharmet listen in
amazement when Fred states that he remembers
when Judy didn't have an office door.


Steve Burt told Fred that he didn't
believe Judy was ever without a door.


John Branca laughed and said,
"That was in the Onshore days, right?"


Walt Turpening, Shela Sharmet, Judy Leinhardt, and William Green wish Fred a "peace-ful" life - I think ?


And, in the spirit of todays journalism,
we had to give you a butt shot.

The group agrees,
"Fred, you da one."

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Photos by Neutrino Staff
© neutrino 1997