The September 5 Sting

The Perpetrators

S. Sivad
Instigator of the "sting."


C. Sturgeon
Aided in creating this little
nest of activity

The Victim

One, William Green, mild mannered geowiz posing as an interpretor
and trying to enjoy the passing of another birthday until
the attack of the "Boogie Bee."
In front of a crowd of twenty something collegues, the Bee attempts
to get William to dance.


Bee: "I am zee Boogie Bee and zoo vill danze."
Geowiz: "Buzz off insect, I don't dance."


Bee: "If zoo don't, I vill tell dem about the time zoo -"
Geowiz: "How did you hear about that ?"
Bee: "It vas all the buzz around the hive."
Geowiz: "Oh, all right. I'll put on your silly hat."


Bee: "Andz now, zoo will danze."
Geowiz: "Look stinger butt, I told you, I don't dance."
Bee: "Zen put this lay on. It'z the only one zoo'll be getting."
Geowiz: "You're starting to bug me, pollen breath."
  Bee: "Vell folks, Mr. Pointy Head Geo here vill show us how much hotz air he iz full of. Blow UNIX jockey!"


Bee: "OK, now toot zour horn. I hear zoo are good at zat."
Geowiz; "Who's writing this stuff ?."
  Bee: "If zoo won't danze, then sing damn you!"

Thus, did two otherwise nice women sting Green

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